The DuoSeal™ System



¨      The Bar that started it all. The DuoSeal system started the most universal seal system in the shrink film industry. A system that is designed for Automatic form/fill/seal machines as well as automatic and semi-automatic L-sealer the DuoSeal system has revolutionized the industry.

¨      With almost 20 years of field service, the DuoSeal system provides optimum sealing versatility with low start-up cost, low operating cost and low maintenance cost.


¨      The DuoSeal system allows the user to run at significantly lower temperature. There is no smoke, no fumes & no buildup when run at these lower temperatures.


¨      The DuoSeal system utilizes precision extrusions, special coatings, a special heating element, and three special designed inserts which allow an inexpensive sealing surface on low, medium and high profile packages.

¨      All three inserts use the same cutting blade, allowing quick changeover and versatility.








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