Sealing Systems Spare Parts



Felt Pads (Various Thicknesses and Widths) in 6 ft. rolls

Silicone Pads (Various Thicknesses and Widths) in 3 ft. rolls

Silicone Pads w/ adhesive, 1/8 Thick ( & 1 wide) in 30 ft. rolls

Silicone Drive Bands for Side Sealer units

Sealing Bands for Side Sealers, Bottom Lap Sealers & Stand Alone Bottom Lap Sealers

Bands are available in Standard or Teflon Coated

Thermocouples (J Type) various terminations and connectors

Heating Elements (1/4 Diameter) Cartridge & Tubular

Various voltage, wattage, & lengths

Cutting Blades (for all our Duo Seal Systems)

Cutting Wheel (for Side Sealer units)

Sealing Inserts (Mushroom, Arrow, Pancake, & Poly)

All replacement sealing system Items


Call For Pricing and Availably:  1-800-541-2415


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