A low cost, high quality pin perforator system. The system consists of an extruded perforator roll with six pin holders that have two pins per holder.

This gives you twelve perforated holes in the web of film per revolution. The Allen screw in the middle of the holder allows for quick adjustment of the location and amount of holes.


 1.      Give dimension A

2.      Give dimension B

3.      Order by part # B-6-(roll length). Example: If a desired roll length of 36(B dimension) order B-6-36.

4.      The Pin Perforator Roll comes with 6 pin holders. If more are required, specify how many and order with part # B-10694

5.      Call the Machinery Order Department - 1-800-541-2415 or Fax at 1-804-232-6308.

All prices, including delivery terms, are subject to change without notice to those in effect at time of shipment.


Installation Instructions For The

Pin Hole Perforation System


I.                    The preferred method for installation is to replace an existing roll with the pin perforator roll.


If replacement of an existing roll is not possible, refer to the following steps:


A.                 Choose location of perforator roll to allow a minimum of a 90 wrap on the roll. (This would be for a roll replacement or drilling holes for the perforator in a new location)


B.                 Drill 17/64 Diameter hole in each side of frame to mount roll. Note: These holes must be parallel to existing idler roles otherwise; tracking problems will be incurred.

C.                 Mount the perforator roll using 1/4-20 UNC bolts.




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PIN PERFORATOR ROLL Dimensional Layout