A new and innovative method of sealing shrink film on automatic form, fill & seal equipment. Designed to replace problematic single or dual wire methods of sealing, The Side Sealer II offers many benefits.


The Side Sealer II incorporates the following features:

The Side Sealer II provides continuous motion sealing and trimming of films at optimum temperatures.

      Customized seal width (up to 1/8)

      Separate sealing and trim operations:

      Eliminate smoke and build-up associated with wire sealers.

      Reduces maintenance and downtime costs. The simple to change heated band, makes a strong, and almost invisible longitudinal seal even on the most difficult to wrap packages.

      The band has exhibits long life in field use, and its ease of changing minimizes maintenance requirements.

      Lubrication free timing belt

      Hardened steel knife & anvil shafts

      A fully self-contained temperature control box allows an easy retrofit without extensive machine wiring changes.

      An off-the-shelf Cal 3200 series temperature controller uses PID logic for very accurate control. Replacement units are available from any Cal distributor.

 The Side Sealer II can be used in conjunction with the DuoSeal cross seal system, to form a complete compatible system that provides strong seals at low temperatures.




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